In 1972
Our history started.

We placed the first shop in Nakatsu, Osaka in 1972. The name 'Cante Grande' comes from a word of flamenco. In early times the shop was a normal cafe, but our founder visited to India and knew a good flavor of chai, then after he came back to Japan, he reopened the shop as an Indian chai cafe.

New hope.

We are taking a new step forward. Fresh atomosphere. We have no time waiting for it.

Cante Grande is the one and only. Always we have been creating a new culture and made customers happy. We don't want to be older. We want to be piooners.

We don't serve only chai and curry. We give you a dream and a memory with them. Come and make your memory like talking with your friend about your dreams, thinking about your future and getting in a fight with your partner. We just want to be the part of them.