since 1972



Most advanced cafe.

Do you want to forget the time?
Time passes by so slowly here.
We give you a peace and a surprise.

First place of chai
in Osaka.

Our chai is like a magic. We pursue the way how to make the best. You must never forget our taste.

Finest chapati.

Have you ever had a perfect chapati? Our chapati has a complete valance of the taste.

Astonishing curry.

It is incredibly amazing.
Be careful.
You may become addicted.

Massive cakes.

They have a rich taste you have never experienced.
Its are like the gods of India.

Goods Shop

From India.

We brought various goods from India like high-quality dupattas, fine incenses and beautiful accessories. You will find what you are looking for.


Only we want you do is visit to our lovely Nakatsu.